Hello, welcome to my photography, please come in and explore my work.
I began my photography when I was fourteen, helping my Father in his dark room in a converted bathroom.  I vividly remember spooling Ilford 35mm film in complete darkness onto film cartridges and developing film and prints on the enlarger.  That was almost 30 years ago!  Now, technology has surpassed photographers imaginations with the advent of the DSLR camera and a huge range of computer software to give photographers like myself tools and techniques only limited by their imaginations.
Through my photography I enjoy working closely with my clients and building good relationships with them to ensure they are provided with the photographs and services they desire.
You can rest assured that all those I work with are fully protected.  I am registered with HMRC, I am also checked with the DBS with an enhanced certificate which is available on request; please don't hesitate to ask to see it.
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